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Stars of Icarus

Action-Packed Space Shooter with Souls-Lite Combat

Developed and Published by Crunchy Leaf Games

Stars of Icarus is a 2D Roguelike Space Shooter with a skill based combat system. Explore, loot, craft and fight your way through a mix of procedural and hand-crafted levels. Upgrade your ship with newfound technology, weapons and items crafted from the resources you gather.

Combat is designed to be deep and rewarding, where your choices can make a huge difference. Analyze your enemies, prepare your ship, and hone your skills to become the most deadly Warrior. You will travel from Sector to Sector, upgrade your ship and fight enemies, to get to the next Jumpgate and that bit closer to your goal. The game is designed to be a "Roguelite", with resources and found equipment lost when you die, and other upgrades carrying over from run to run.

Coming 2021

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