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13th September, 2017

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A fusion of Elite-style space exploration, frantic and fast-paced combat, and a healthy dose of Lucas Arts-style comedic adventuring, 3030 Deathwar Redux sets you free to roam the entire galaxy, after a mysterious War left planets uninhabitable and the remaining stations on quarantine lockdown. Help freewheeling space pilot John get back on his feet in a huge open world, and pilot your own course through the game's dizzying array of missions, stories and features.


3030 Deathwar Redux was created by a collaboration of Bird in Sky, two passionate part-time game developers from the UK, and Crunchy Leaf Games, a tiny Indie Studio from Berlin, Germany.


  • Open-world space adventuring with frantic combat and 30 star systems to explore.
  • Stations to board, bars to visit, scores of space scum to talk to.
  • Ghostly derelict ships to discover via your star-map, space-walk into, and salvage valuables from.
  • Large variety of intriguing jobs and missions, with exciting, and occasionally silly side-quests.
  • A diverse array of ships to buy and upgrade.
  • The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to refuel from the corona of a sun without burning up!
  • Pirate Stations to discover, and the option of living a life of crime, piracy, cargo stealing, and nastiness.
  • The chance to invest in a large cargo ship and go asteroid mining for metals, or just haul goods between systems.
  • Hidden wormhole shortcuts, comets, unique stations, and a ton of secrets to uncover.
  • An irreverent, thoroughly amusing, and enthralling main story.
  • A fantastic 80's synth Soundtrack, by the amazing "The Kyoto Connection"
  • A whole load more!


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Planet - Abandoned Settlement.png
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Station - Talking to Grah.png
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On Station - Missions Console.png
Station - Golden Harvest.png
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Selected Articles

  • "(The game) looks cool! There’s space combat, adventure gaming, open exploration stuff, a nice soundtrack and some solid pixel art."
    - Luke Plunkett, Kotaku
  • "You can tell I'm really enjoying this! ... This is vastly improved (over the original re-release)."
    - Scott Manley, Scott Manley
  • "It’s a heck of an undertaking and Deathwar is precisely the sort of game I often hope somebody somewhere is making – how strange to realise someone had already made it."
    - Adam Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Overall, 3030 Deathwar Redux is way out of this world. For a pixelated game with a bumpin’ soundtrack, detailed artwork, complex economy mechanics, decent combat system, and a seemingly infinite number of quests to keep you busy, this game is a MUST HAVE for any space adventure lover!"
    - Joey Gnome, BrutalGamer.com

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About Bird in Sky

Matt Griffiths and Mic Newsam, two guys from the UK who like to talk about making games; occasionally make them and mostly talk about favourite quotes. Over our time together, we've developed many a game. 3030 Deathwar, Thrust, Worm Game, Virus Game, Megaball, Subwar.... well, there are a lot. Max Dohme of Crunchy Leaf Games is also part of the extended dev team.

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3030 Deathwar Redux Credits

Matt Griffiths

Mic Newsam

Max Dohme
Additional Design and Publishing

Steve Finney

The Kyoto Connection



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